Trint for a Team

Collaborating on content creation should be easy, but when it comes to working with audio and video, getting on the same page can seem impossible. Trint gives your team flexibility and control with powerful tools that help you collaborate, organize and manage content production without getting tied up in menial work.

Content without limits

Unleash your team’s productivity: with a Pro Team account, you can transcribe audio to text without limitations. Use it as much or as little as you need and say goodbye to long, tedious transcription - and hello to focusing on the work that really matters.


No matter where you are, your whole team can see and hear the content while you edit, find and share key moments from your content library with Collaboration on the Trint Editor. Organize projects with Workspaces and instantly share media and documents with everyone on a project team. With Trint, all your work is in one place, and everyone who needs it can access it - from the office, on the road or at home.

Feel safe & secure

At Trint, security is a priority: we’re ISO 27001:2013 certified, meeting military-grade standards for security. We never read your files, we never mine customer data for insights and we never use your files to improve our speech-to-text algorithm. Our guiding principle: no one sees your data but you.

  • I've actually produced more content because I've got a longer amount of time to do it.

    James Brooks
    Video Journalist, The Associated Press
  • I don't endorse many products - but not many help journalists like Trint. Transcribes video. Load it up- sit back, jaw-dropping.

    Al Tompkins
    Senior Faculty, The Poynter Institute for Media Studies
  • I just tried my first Trint transcript - it's flawless! 23 minute interview back in 2 minutes. WOW!

    Sebastian White
    Director Corporate Communications, jetBlue
  • We grew team productivity really fast after launch. We eliminated a 3-month backlog and now turn work around in near real-time. That's happened for the first time ever with Trint.

    Daren Gillespie
    Senior Network Administrator, Nebraska State Legislature
  • Trint is a really exciting product and one everybody should be thinking about adopting in their newsrooms in one way or another.

    Emilio Garcia-Ruiz
    Managing Editor, The Washington Post


    Quickly and easily upload any video or audio file to Trint. Your transcript will be ready for you and your team in moments.



    With your source audio glued word-for-word to the text on the screen, you can follow what's being said like karaoke and quickly edit to get 100% accuracy. Add Markers, speaker names or build your own personalized vocabulary list. Adjust timecodes to match the source file.

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    Work together on content creation so everyone on your team can find exactly what they need, all in one place. Highlight sound bites to show colleagues. Share ideas and ask questions by leaving a Comment. Search for specific words or quotes.


    Export & Share

    Share your finished transcript with others to collaborate, or export as a Word doc, CSV, subtitle or any of our versatile formats.




    Produce high-quality content, collaborate and get work done fast and affordably. Never count hours again: a Trint Pro Team account includes unlimited transcription.