How software for transcription can accelerate your content creation

Learn how automating your workflows with software for transcription will help you create great content, faster.
July 23, 2020

Today's storytellers are in high demand. Everyone wants your content and they want it now, whether that's internal comms, reports or articles. But whittling down lengthy videos to short, punchy updates is tedious. Manual transcription is painfully slow, costly and riddled with inefficiencies. We know the drill. Play. Stop. Type. Rewind. Work takes hours, if not days. And when you've got content to create and deadlines to hit, speed and accuracy are essential.


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Let A.I. take the load

With every software update and new product release we're becoming more and more integrated with technology, both at work and at home. From Trello and Hubspot to DocuSign and Bigtincan, there's no denying technology makes our work lives easier. Your transcription workflows should be no different. 

By automating the transcription process, Trint solves the problem of manual transcription through A.I., converting speech to text in moments. Our platform uses automated speech recognition to transcribe audio and video files, making your recordings instantly editable, searchable and shareable. Integrating Trint into your workflows increases productivity and speeds up content creation.

So how can Trint's software for transcription help improve your workflows?

Stay connected

Trint's collaborative transcriptions will keep your team working together, whether they're sat next to each other or working from home.

Liberate your teams

It's safe to say we've all experienced the Zoom Boom the last few months. But staying on top in virtual team calls or interviews while frantically scribbling notes can be challenging. Trint lets you free up your teams so they focus on what's really important - being present. So leave the note-taking to us.

Share updates as they happen

Whether you're responsible for internal comms or you're reporting on current affairs, news doesn't wait. So neither should you. Get your content out faster with live transcripts.

Un-lost in translation

In today's world, we're global, connected and fast. Yet there's still one major hurdle to being truly global: language. If you're working across borders, don't let language barriers hold you back. Trint lets you transcribe and instantly translate spoken content into up to 54 languages. And just like that, you've now become multilingual.


Trint is more than just software for transcription, it's a productivity tool. Turning raw recordings into stories, blogs or articles is easier and faster than ever before.

Add Trint to your vocab and your workflows. Slack it. Zoom it. Trint it.


Unlock the power of automated workflows with Trint's software for transcription.


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