Generate transcript summaries in a click with Trint

Trint’s latest AI feature allows users to create transcript summaries of up to 400 words at the click of a button.
May 30, 2024

It won’t come as a shock that AI transcription saves time and effort when creating stories. At Trint, we’ve always focused on what our users can do beyond transcription – such as adding features to help collaborate in the moment and pull out key quotes to create content without delay.

But what happens when you don’t have time to sift through a transcript and just need the key details to quickly sum up the interview or event in question? Previously, this could have been a menial task clogging up your team’s workflow. With Trint’s AI-generated summaries, you can have all this sorted at the click of a button.

Save time creating short-form content

This new Trint feature is available to all users and couldn’t be simpler to use. Just open a transcript, click the Generative Summaries button from the right-hand panel and Trint’s AI will generate a summary of up to 400-words in no time. To keep the summary accurate, just make sure to review your transcript first.

AI-generated summaries are currently available in English, French, German and Spanish. And it’s all secure. Trint’s AI is trained externally so will never learn from your transcripts when creating a summary. Meaning your data is always in safe hands.

With the increased demand for short-form social content to engage with your audience, this tool can help Trint users find what they need and fast. Perfect when you have multiple transcripts to work from and want to drive readers, listeners and viewers to your main story. 

An AI tool made for the modern newsroom

Making workflows more efficient and streamlined is at the core of a future-focused newsroom. Tools like Trint’s AI summaries help cut back on tedious tasks that can waste a journalist’s time and risk the organization falling behind competitors when it comes to readership and engagement. 

While some newsrooms may be hesitant to implement AI tools, Trint’s ISO 27001 certification offers reassurance that any generated summaries are protected by best-in-class security frameworks. With guarantees that no Trint employees will ever access these summaries without permission, and Trint’s AI will never learn from any transcriptions. 

Cut down on manual tasks by trying Trint’s AI-generated summaries today and see how easy it is to create content before the competition. Login now or start a 7-day free trial.

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