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Trint now seamlessly integrates with leading news production management system AP ENPS to supercharge newsroom workflows. Easily transcribe audio and video, view transcripts and search for key quotes with Trint – all at the click of a button and within your AP ENPS platform.
April 12, 2024

A challenge every newsroom faces is time – or the lack of to be more accurate. Every minute spent transcribing, translating, building and publishing content is more time the next newsroom has to hit the audience first. With increasing pressures on budgets and overheads, that’s a competitive edge no one can afford to lose.

At Trint, we believe streamlining these efficiencies and workflows is what the newsroom of the future will be centered around. Reducing the need for teams to work off multiple screens and platforms to make sure everyone is working faster and smarter. To achieve this, you need the right technology in place. Trint’s integration with AP ENPS does exactly that.

Hear about our game-changing integration from Trint’s founder and CEO, Jeff Kofman, and the Vice President and General Manager of AP ENPS, Brian Hopman.

Trusted Names in News and Media

This new integration comes from two well-regarded brands in the news industry, with both products playing a key role in the newsroom content workflow.

Trint understands the news and media world because it was founded by an Emmy Award-winning reporter and war correspondent, Jeff Kofman. After a 30-year career with ABC, CBS and CBC News, Jeff created Trint to help speed up the cumbersome processes of transcription, translation and sourcing quotes – all through an AI-powered SaaS platform. 

AP will need no introduction. Its ENPS platform (Electronic News Production System) is the world’s most trusted news production system, designed to help newsrooms and media organizations streamline their workflows and create high-quality content efficiently. A flexible and powerful solution that can be customized to fit any newsroom’s needs.

Supercharging the Newsroom Workflow

Until now, news organizations would have to capture, transcribe and translate content in Trint, before moving to ENPS to build their story and create a rundown ready to broadcast. Our new integration seamlessly merges these processes into one efficient workflow that, importantly, operates through one platform.

  • Users can open Trint within the AP ENPS platform and access their account and transcriptions with all the same editing and collaboration Trint features.

  • Audio and video files in ENPS can be added to Trint with a simple drag & drop to start transcribing instantly. Transcripts can then be searched for key moments in seconds and multiple quotes added to an ENPS story with the click of a button. 

  • Trint quotes will appear in ENPS stories including the source timecodes and speaker names, with functionality to jump back to the original transcript to amend or replace the quote when needed.

Help your newsroom step into the future by learning more about the integration between AP ENPS and Trint. Speak to our team and book a demo today.

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