Capitalizing on Content: how to make your content work harder

How marketing teams can get the most mileage out of their content investments.
September 25, 2020

From Trint's recent webinar "Capitalizing on Content". Watch it here.

Today's content writers and marketers face huge pressure to up their content creation, do it faster than ever before and show return on investment. How can you leverage your content to make it go further and work harder?


The Age of Voice

The 20th century was the era of text. We read newspapers, wrote letters and typed emails. The 21st century? It's the era of the voice. We speak to Google, Facetime friends and Zoom colleagues. We've entered a new era and it's all about the power of voice, or more specifically, video.

Video has become a powerful marketing tool.

Nothing works harder. Astonishingly, almost 80 percent of consumers are convinced to buy a product or service after watching a video. 

Video lets you tap into new distribution channels and speak to consumers across multiple platforms and devices. Demand for your video content is increasing too with more than 50% of consumers wanting more video content from the brands they love.

Content needs to be everywhere, fast

We're consuming content faster than ever before and across a multitude of devices and channels. We're watching the latest Netflix hits on TV while checking Insta on our phone and ordering food on our laptops. We're accessing new content all day. The number of channels have exploded and creative teams have to keep up. 

So what does that mean for businesses? Creating fresh, new content. All the time.

Making your content go further

We get that marketing teams have to constantly create new content but how do you actually do that and make sure you're leveraging your content in the best way?

Reuse. Repurpose. Recycle.

Repurposing your videos into social media posts, blogs, emails, customer stories and sales decks makes your content more accessible to consumers across multiple platforms and all stages of the buying journey. By serializing your content, you're speeding up creation and a wider outreach.

That's the return on investment. Connected customers. Happy customers. And more customers.


Make sure your content reaches the right audiences, in the right formats

A staggering 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound. And that's not including any other channels or social media platforms. 

The combined explosion of both video and social media platforms mean there's huge demand for accessible, captioned content. If you're not captioning your content you're losing out on huge distribution opportunities and potential revenue.

Captioned content means consumable content. It opens your brand to new, wider audiences and increases the potential distribution. 

The authentic voice of your customer is at the heart of your connections

People care about stories, not a list of features and who better to tell them than your own customers? We care what others say about brands and experiences matter. We want to hear what their customers are saying.

In today's world, the consumer is a part of the brand. They want to be involved, they want to be part of the user community and they want to tell your story too. 

It may be great for marketers but it also adds a layer of complexity. Telling authentic customer stories at scale and capturing their voice effectively and correctly is challenging. But adding that human element takes your brand from a tone of voice to a story that resonates and builds connections.

Unlocking the power of speech

Your content needs to be everywhere but it also needs to connect with your audience authentically. Brands need to be consistent with their messaging and fast in creation. Get through to your customers on the channels they use by leveraging the power of A.I. with Trint to unlock new content and speed up your workflows.

Trint helps you find the moments that matter fast. We automatically transcribe audio and video so you can focus on the work that matters. The kind of work that makes a real impact.

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