Trint: bringing team members together through collaborative working

Discover how Trint enables collaborative working between team members for a seamless workflow.
September 27, 2021

Whether you're a member of an international team or adopting a hybrid working schedule, remote collaboration is increasingly integral to working life. Trint provides a multi-user editing feature that allows you to work collaboratively with multiple team members. This feature allows projects to be completed faster and with streamlined communication.

Why collaboration is important for business

Remote collaboration has never been more important to our working lives. Bringing individuals together on a project allowing them to work together, regardless of their location, is now commonplace. 

  • Optimized workflow

Keep your work within one platform, no need to export your transcript into another collaborative tool like google docs.

  • Time optimization

Finding time for an entire team to join a Zoom call can be tricky. Allowing remote visibility on a project allows individuals to edit and comment at their convenience as well as sharing the responsibility of a deadline.

  • Sharing of ideas

Multiple eyeballs on the same project enable individuals to bounce ideas off one another as well as be inspired by others.

  • Quality assurance

Enabling visibility to multiple team members means that mistakes can be picked up and eradicated easier.



Sharing and collaborating on projects

  1. Trint offers you the ability to share files amongst team members. Click on SHARE  in Trint to open the menu.
  2. Then add the emails of the collaborators you'd like to have added to the project.
  3. Control the level of collaboration each team member has. These permissions can be edited/ revoked at any time:
  • Can read - members can view the project but not make any amends or comments.
  • Can comment - members can view edits that you have made and can comment but cannot make edits
  • Can edit - members can view, comment and edit on the project.



By controlling permissions within your team, the appropriate collaborators can work together to make changes including; highlighting key quotes, suggesting edits to the transcript, edit time stamps, plus loads more.

Discover the seamless workflow opportunities that Trint provides.



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