Customer Story: Lingual Consultancy

How international translation company Lingual Consultancy is using Trint’s live transcription to quickly and accurately transcribe daily news bulletins for their clients.
November 10, 2022
“A 60-minute file used to take us three to four hours to manually transcribe. Now with Trint, we are transcribing 250 minutes per day – and we can do more if our clients send additional files to work on.”

Dimby Raveloson is a project manager at Lingual Consultancy – an organization that utilizes a pool of more than 16,000 freelancers globally to offer its clients manual translation and transcription services. 

In 2019, Dimby’s team began working with a new French client who required a quick summary of the day’s major news stories as they broke each morning. A more specialized requirement beyond the company’s typical services that Trint’s live transcription could help provide. 

“Speed and quality were the main requirements for this client,” explains Dimby. “Every morning we use Trint’s Realtime feature to transcribe major French media bulletins from 7 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. Then we move the files from Trint to the client’s platform so they can review.

“We tried to do everything manually at the beginning but it was quite time consuming and a lot of work. When we moved to Trint, we increased our production and the client started giving us more files and news channels to transcribe, which was really good.”

Transcribing headlines in real time

By quickly and accurately transcribing morning French news bulletins using Realtime, Dimby’s client is able to easily scan through the Trints that they've received and get an overview of the day's news without needing to spend time watching the broadcasts live. 

“In the morning we have to be very fast in transcribing these bulletins. So Realtime is really helpful on that side and easy to use. We just enter the TMP or FTTP link from the internet radio and Realtime grabs the stream,” says Dimby.

The client is also using Lingual Consultancy to help with their media monitoring. Any time the name of the company is mentioned in the news, the client will send a file over to Dimby’s team to be transcribed in Trint and quickly sent back. Helping the client stay in-the-know about how the company is doing and act on any events if needed.

“We have to be very fast in transcribing, which is why we use Trint.”

These additional files can vary in length and get sent to Dimby often with little notice. Working manually, transcribing an hour-long file used to take three to four hours to complete. But by using Trint, Dimby’s team is now working through at least 250 minutes a day – with capacity to do more at the client’s request.

“The first time we used Trint it was amazing,” Dimby recalls. “Working manually we would have a team of ten working together to meet the client’s requirements. Now we’re getting everything done and we can still do more.”

Never missing a deadline

From the daily news bulletins to impromptu files sent by the client, Lingual Consultancy has little wiggle room to be late on delivering transcribed content. By using Trint, Dimby’s team can easily increase production on demand without affecting the quality of the transcripts.

“What we’ve seen with Trint is excellent and it really helps us to meet deadlines,” 

“We’re able to finish files faster and in return the client gives us more sites to work on, which is really rewarding to see they trust us and want to give us more work,” he says.

Lingual Consultancy are currently only using Trint within Dimby’s team but there are plans to add more teams across the organization. For Dimby, Trint has helped fulfill a particular client need that wasn’t possible before and the platform is continuing to help his team transcribe and deliver live news bulletins quickly and efficiently. 


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