Customer Story: Mimecast

Learn how Mimecast uses Trint to make their content creation workflows fast, smart and efficient. Creating and editing videos is now faster than ever before.
March 8, 2021


Bret Kerr: [00:00:07] Mimecast is a leading global email, security and cyber resilience cloud provider. We have over thirty six thousand cyber resilient customers around the globe and over three hundred and thirty seven billion emails are under management. I sit in the creative department and work as a video producer and digital designer. We want to tell the Mimecast story in a compelling way across multiple media and formats. 

Bret Kerr:[00:00:33] We want to bring our tagline to life relentless protection, resilient world. Being able to efficiently produce content and insights from our cyber resilience think tank, our passionate customers and our world class subject matter experts helps us achieve that mission. Before using Trint on the audio side, people would have to take notes and transcribe it by hand, and that would take many hours, if not days. On the video production side, we would post raw files and editorial leads would have to take the time to scrub through the videos. There was no search functionality and they would have to mark down the time codes themselves. Our workflow after implementing Trint on the audio side is we will upload it an MP3 that allows us to provide the team with the transcript, same day. From that, they can start to organize and find those moments that matter and start to write the follow up e-books, reports and blog posts from the content. For our video testimonials, we upload the raw video to Trint and then we're able to provide the editorial team with a transcript from which they can pick the quotes, the moments that matter, and also order things in a compelling narrative arc. 

Bret Kerr: [00:01:59] From that, I can take the time codes and efficiently chunk out some sequences in premier pro and it really gives me a great jumpstart in doing the post-production. It saves hours, if not days, per case study. From there, I can start the rest of the post-production finding b roll, graphics, audio again while getting a great jump on the process and saving many hours and days. 

Bret Kerr: [00:02:31] We had our first annual Cyber Resilience Summit in Dallas in 2019 and we were able to capture over ten hours of interviews with customers from around the world. Once we had the transcriptions, given all to multiple teams and multiple departments in the company, and people could work on things concurrently. And we had the advantage of having the time code. So everything was trackable and searchable.

Bret Kerr: [00:03:01] There have also been use cases where our CEO and co-founder Peter Bauer is preparing for a media appearance or presentation. And we will film him in our in-house video studio and then run that footage through Trint. And we're able to capture any extemporaneous thoughts he had and have it all in a searchable format. 

Bret Kerr: [00:03:25] Another great advantage of Trint is that all of the transcripts stay up in our account. So as we produce new content, we can go back and do a search. You know, there might be a particular case where we want to find quotes about ransomware, phishing, impersonation protect. And it's really easy to search the word documents. There's just endless ways that you can utilize Trint to really make your content creation more efficient and smarter. 


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