How to choose the right transcription platform

Trint's eBook compares the leading transcription platforms on the market to help put into simple terms what features stand out and which tool would be the best fit for different users.
October 24, 2022

If you’ve never had to deal with the burden of manual transcription – you’re one of the lucky ones. Not only is this process long and at times painful, it’s also unnecessary when you can get the latest automated transcription technology to do the heavy lifting for you.

However, with multiple speech-to-text transcription platforms to choose from, how do you know which one is right for you? Our latest eBook – A buyer’s guide to transcription software: How to tell your story effectively – can help you find your answer.

As a starting point, it helps you understand the differences between the leading tools on the market by comparing the strengths and weaknesses of each platform. From transcription accuracy and languages you can upload in, to how easy it is to verify your text and make any necessary changes.

But that’s just your first point to consider. Our eBook also takes a look at where you might take your audio or video file beyond transcription and what features can help speed up and simplify content creation.

Looking at features beyond transcription

For many content professionals, transcribing an audio or video file is just the first step. With the overall goal to create engaging content such as hard-hitting articles, monthly podcasts and attention-grabbing social videos.

Some transcription platforms like Trint allow you to do both. By including tools that help you find the key moments from transcripts and turn them into your end content - all without moving to another platform. If you work in content creation, some features that are worth considering when choosing a transcription platform include:

  • Editing capabilities for transcripts and new content
  • Accessibility options like translations and creating captions
  • Collaboration tools and how colleagues can interact with your content
  • Data security and how much control you have over your files.

All of these areas are covered in our eBook. So whether you’re looking for transcription software to pull quotes from an interview or simply grab notes from a meeting - we can help give you all the facts to make the best decision for your professional needs.


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