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Trint’s new industry-leading live collaboration tool helps anyone in the field capture and transcribe audio from their phone and share every word with colleagues in real time.
April 17, 2023

When you’re out looking for the next breaking story, time is rarely on your side. One minute you’re capturing quotes or sound bites in the moment. The next you’re racing to share with the team and get your story ready before someone beats you to it.

If this scene sounds familiar - it’s time you met Mobile Live. Trint’s latest innovation that makes live collaboration seamless, reliable and hassle free.

Capture, transcribe, collaborate - from anywhere

With the Trint mobile app installed for iOS or Android, anyone out in the field can capture audio from their phone and transcribe it live in more than 30 languages. Then, while you focus on getting the story, your team in another room, office or country can interact with the same transcription feed in real time using Trint’s web app.

Rewinding and playing back audio to verify and edit text as it's transcribed so you never miss a moment.

Highlighting and commenting on key moments to handpick and agree on the strongest quotes or soundbites. 

Fact checking every word as it’s said to give you absolute confidence that your quotes are never compromised.

And with ISO 27001 security, you can trust that your team has the only eyes on this live transcript.

So while the competition is waiting for a press conference to end, your team is already working on building out a story - ready to share with the world before anyone else.

Reliable, even when your connection isn’t

Trint Mobile Live is technology you can trust, even when your phone provider lets you down.

Say you’re interviewing someone on a train and sending the real-time transcription feed to your team, wherever they are. But suddenly, you go through a tunnel or hit a blackspot, and your colleagues are left in the dark about what happened next.

If you use Mobile Live, tunnels and connectivity issues are no longer a concern. With in-built resilience, our app will continue capturing and transcribing from your phone - catching up your team on everything they missed once you’re back online. 

An essential tool for the media industry

Mobile Live is an industry-leading live collaboration tool and an exclusive feature for Trint enterprise plans

Many of the world’s leading broadcasters, newspapers, and content creators already use Trint to break stories faster. Now, with Mobile Live in hand, we’re helping these content workflows operate faster and smarter than ever before.

Reporters taking fewer notes and focusing on every word that’s said.

Editors reviewing real-time transcriptions to playback and verify quotes in the moment.

Media organizations sharing stories as they unfold to stay ahead in our ondemand world.

Want to see how Trint Mobile Live can help your content workflow? Speak to a Trint expert or your customer success manager and book a demo today.

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