Quick Guide to Adobe Premiere Pro Subtitles with Trint

Our free Premiere Pro subtitles integration lets users send Adobe Premiere Pro files to Trint to be transcribed, with subtitles generated in seconds.
August 8, 2018

Trint's free Premiere' Pro' Subtitles Integration is here!

Watch the quick-start guide to Trint's automated caption extension for video:




Manually typing captions or subtitles for video in Adobe' Premiere' Pro video files is a thing of the past. With the free Trint extension, automatically send your audio or video files from Premiere Pro to Trint to be transcribed, then easily add captions (SRT or EDL) to your project in seconds.

Let's take a quick look at how to install and use Trint with Adobe' Premiere' Pro.

Getting Started

After you've downloaded and installed the Trint extension for Adobe' Premiere' Pro, open the Trint panel (Window > Extensions > Trint). Please note, you must have a Trint account with credit to use the Trint extension. To create a Trint account, click here.

When you've opened the Trint panel and logged in to your Trint account, you'll be able to see your Trints. The following details are displayed:

  • Title The name of the Trint
  • Status The current status of Trint: Transcribing, Ready, Edited or Locked
  • Last Updated The date and time of the most recent update to the Trint
  • Actions The actions you can take with each Trint, like downloading the captions/subtitles as an SRT or EDL file

You can also download our easy how-to guide to learn how to set up Trint's free Premier extension.


Add Captions or Subtitles in 5 Quick Steps

1. Upload To upload an audio or video file for transcription, either drag it from its location on your computer to the box in the upper-right of the Trint panel ("Drop files here to transcribe or Select files") or click  "Select files" to find the locate on your computer:

Trint Adobe Premiere Pro Extension Screen 7


2. Select Transcription Options The audio or video file will automatically start to upload to Trint for transcription. While it's uploading, select the language and whether you'd like to use your custom words in Vocab Builder:


Trint Adobe Premiere Pro Extension Screen 9


>3.Download Captions/SubtitlesAfter the file has finished transcribing, click the icon in the Actions column to download the caption file to your computer:


Trint Adobe Premiere Pro Extension Screen 12


4. Select File Format Select the file format you'd like to download, either SRT or EDL:


Trint Adobe Premiere Pro Extension Screen 5


5a. SRT For SRT files, select your preferences, including subtitle/caption length, whether to display speaker names, the position and case:


Trint Adobe Premiere Pro Extension Screen 6

The caption file will be downloaded to your computer. To add the captions/subtitles to your project, locate the file and drag it onto to the project timeline. 

5b. EDL If you're using an EDL file, we recommend selecting the default preferences from the popup windows. When the EDL files download, select "File > Import..." then locate them on your computer. Open the folder from the Project panel, select all the files and select "File > Link media..." The video cuts are displayed with the fully edited/merged file first, followed by each individual clip. To add the captions to the cut video, download the SRT file from the Trint extension, making sure to check "Highlights only," then import the SRT file, link the media to the original video file, and drag the caption file onto the Project panel to sync.


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