Storytelling is our DNA

Trint’s CEO and founder, Jeff Kofman, takes us on a journey through his 30-years as a journalist and war correspondent by sharing some of the stories that defined his career.
October 4, 2023

If you’re new to Trint, you may not know that storytelling is in our DNA. On the surface, we are an AI transcription and content creation platform that helps organizations across the world tell their stories faster and easier than ever before. But the origins of the Trint platform started with our CEO and founder – Emmy Award-winning journalist and war correspondent, Jeff Kofman.

With a career spanning more than 30 years, Jeff was on the ground for many of the most iconic moments in modern history, bringing those stories to viewers at ABC, CBS and CBC News.

Jeff's years as a reporter encouraged him to found Trint, a tool for making storytelling faster and hassle-free. From day one, Trint was built with the media in mind.

Now, through a series of short interviews hosted on Trint’s YouTube channel, Jeff shares photographs that capture some of these incredible moments in time – showing that for both Jeff Kofman and Trint, Storytelling is our DNA.


Episode 1 – Hillah, Iraq. 2003

After the fall of Saddam in 2003, Jeff recalls a group of children he met in Iraq and reflects on how their lives were changed by the war.

Episode 2 – Punta Tombo, Argentina. 2009

In 2009, Jeff spent time with tens of thousands of Magellanic penguins while profiling a conservation biologist whose work was helping save these creatures from human threats.

Episode 3 – New Orleans, USA. 2005

Hurricane Katrina was one of the biggest stories Jeff covered in his 30-year broadcast career. He was in New Orleans when the storm hit and witnessed first hand the destruction that followed.


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