Trint Spotlight: The what and why behind Trint’s new Editor

To mark the launch of Trint’s new Transcript Editor, Associate Product Manager Michael Laweh and Product Designer Annie Dutremble explain why one of Trint’s core features is changing and how these updates will help improve the user experience for all Trint users.
January 31, 2024

After four years without significant interface changes, we knew it was time to take a fresh look at the Trint user experience. As our loyal users know, Trint offers powerful transcription, editing, and collaboration capabilities for media teams. However, our user research identified some clear opportunities to improve discoverability, usability, and workflow efficiency. 

We identified key areas of the product where users spend the most time – the text editor actions such as comments, highlights, and verifications. This sparked a redesign of this core Trint feature that went beyond just how users interact with these tools. Ensuring we also helped improve the feature's general learnability and intuitiveness. 

Reshaping the Trint Editor

To guide this redesign, we went back to first principles with blue-sky thinking about the ideal user experience. Through rapid prototyping and preference testing amongst our team, we refined our designs and put some initial test into the hands of our users. They told us loud and clear that they wanted updates to help them take full advantage of Trint in their evolving workflows.

These interface updates focused on three main areas:

- Enhancing the transcript editor with more intuitive formatting and easier access to key features

- Creating a new document details section that provides more context and aids Trint's search capabilities

- Building a scalable interface that allows us to seamlessly continue adding new features

Take a look at some of these new features by watching the video below:

A feature built to last

Standardising our design system also allows us to implement changes faster going forward. The refreshed designs represent just the beginning as we scale our offerings. Paying close attention to user feedback, we will continue updating features to match both current and emerging needs.   

This dedication to continuous improvement means Trint will stay at the leading edge of transcription and collaboration technology. We can't wait for you to experience the redesigned editor yourself!

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