Trint Spotlight: Redesigning Trint with our users in mind

To mark the launch of Trint’s new dashboard interface, Senior Product Manager Hannah Mansour and Senior Product Designer Bart Weaver explain how this simplified and accessible redesign has been driven by the needs of Trint users.
August 10, 2023

At Trint, users are the heart of everything we do – especially in product development – and their feedback helps us to identify workflow opportunities and inform the product roadmap. In the last year, we’ve spoken to 200+ users on various research topics. But analysing the overall data made it clear that there were patterns for us to explore further.

When users “feel like [they’re] only scratching the surface of what Trint can do” and that “it takes [them] a while to learn what certain features are supposed to do, when I do find them…” we knew we had to turn these pain points into product development opportunities.

In short, you spoke, we listened.

Turning barriers into bridges

Any change we make to the Trint offering all feeds into our mission to help media teams work together to streamline transcription, translation, search and editing workflows – from anywhere, in any language. From our user feedback, we pulled out two core areas where Trint could improve:

Insight 1: Some users aren't making use of all of Trint's features

→ Opportunity 1: Help users discover and understand how Trint can speed up their workflow


Insight 2: Users are eager to get started on their core workflow stages in Trint

-> Opportunity 2: Get users through their workflow quicker

Fuelled by these insights, we conducted several rounds of Rapid Iterative Test and Evaluation (RITE) with five different iterations of wireframes and prototypes. This helped us assess users’ ability to complete core goals with the new interface and if it improved their understanding of features. 

After some final preference testing with a subset of these users, we landed on a new interface to get into customers hands. Let’s check it out! 

Introducing Trint’s brand new look

How we’ve helped users easily discover and understand how Trint can support their workflow 

  • Faster recognition and recall of features by following familiar software patterns and providing a consistent cross platform experience 

  • Discover cards on your dashboard to educate users on different features that could save them time in Trint 

How we’ve helped users get through key parts of their workflow better.

  • Work with your team faster than ever before with team signposting around the dashboard and a smart suggestions card 

  • Upload from anywhere in the app and no more upload and transcribe wait times before you can carry on with other work 

  • Better file searching and navigation even when you have 100000s in Trint+

It doesn’t stop there! Trint’s new dashboard is our new foundation to continue innovating for our users. If you’re already a Trint user, we are excited to hear what you think and will continue to build the best experience for you and all our other users across the Trint community.

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