Learn how technology enhances your video editing workflow

The video editing workflow can be painful. Selecting the right take, marking the timestamps, and ordering the footage. Learn how to optimize this process.
January 25, 2022

Videos are a way for businesses to connect with their audience, empathize with them, and show they understand their struggles. When executed correctly, they are a powerful tool in every marketing strategy. But videos are not always easy to get right; they can get long-winded, caught in jargon and lack a strong story that captivates the viewer. Here are some pointers on optimizing your video editing workflow, saving you time and helping make more impactful videos.

Capturing footage

Being in front of the camera is never easy, and as much as we'd love to get it right on the first take, that is rarely the case. 

This means it is good practice to get at least three takes of each segment recorded to ensure there is good material to use when stitching together your story. If you only have one take and realize it wasn't as good as you thought in post-production, it means you either have a poorer quality video or have the hassle of setting up the equipment once more.

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The importance of transcription

Whether you filmed scripted or unscripted, transcribing your video file is critical. Reading through the footage and being able to search for moments within your transcript is a more practical way to tell a strong story. Customer case studies, for example, are often unscripted, and there may be many powerful moments through the footage, but it can be a time-consuming process creating a story from it all. 

Storytelling platforms like Trint provide time codes and video playback as you read the transcript. This makes it easy to highlight key moments, from which it is simple to rearrange in the order you need to tell your best story.

Spend less time editing your video

Choosing the best footage

With at least three versions of each take recorded, the challenge in post-production is figuring out which is best to use in your video. Storytelling platforms make this part easy. With the time codes and video playback, you can quickly run through the footage, highlight the excerpts that will make the final cut of your video and export. 

This means you and your team aren't wasting time on the menial, time-consuming parts traditionally involved with video production and can focus on the story. 

Optimizing your workflow

Whether you're a seasoned pro looking to enhance your workflow, our ebook on video-editing will walk you through the entire process and show how you can add in new technologies to make the video editing workflow smoother and your videos more impactful. Download it here.



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