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What is business automation?

Getting computers to do simple, repeatable tasks is one of the easiest and fastest ways to add efficiency to your business in a matter of moments.
June 24, 2019

It's almost impossible to remember a time when every task was completed manually. You'll rarely see a calculator in a finance department in today's businesses - there's no need for manual number crunching thanks to the automated systems we see today. Business automation is your organization's secret weapon in boosting productivity and creating efficient business workflows - but what, exactly, is it?

Business automation aligns your processes and projects with the powers of modern computing. Software applications and platforms are integrated into your business strategy to streamline processes from invoice processing to automatic transcription, and everything in between. Automation makes life easier for everyone across your business, giving you more time and resources to work towards your core business goals. You can forget about trivial tasks that would've taken creative minds away from their core duties.

Manual is out and automation is in.

Business automation, like many other areas that have felt the disruption of automation and machine learning, comes from the need for us humans to have things done as easily as possible. You might have noticed that almost every tech gadget and innovative platform ever created has served to make life easier for us. Now our phones can summon takeout to our door with a few taps, and we can text money to our colleagues for those morning bagels without even opening a banking app - never mind visiting a branch. In business, automation makes business processes easier for us, simple as thatBusiness automation: helping both man and machine

Automating your business processes boosts performance from top to bottom. Efficiency and productivity are two currencies your business should be fluent in, and thanks to automation these can be streamlined and boosted without wasting valuable resources. In terms of business, there are automated platforms that are designed to speed up human workflows like creative brainstorms, and platforms that integrate with your current systems to help them run more efficiently. Both types of automated programs will increase the productivity of your team: a stronger automated infrastructure empowers your team to up productivity levels and output.


Business automation lets companies be more efficient


Just 10 years ago the effects of automation weren't making a splash in the business world. We'd all heard of smart technologies that were making things easier for professionals, but we weren't really feeling the benefits when it came to productivity and efficiency. Put it this way: you'd probably been on a conference call that was more of an ordeal than flying your overseas employees into the meeting in person - and instant messaging was simply allowing your team to gossip while the doors to upper management stayed firmly closed and office hours remained rigid.


How has business automation changed?

What's different in this new age of automation? First and foremost, solutions today are built with a lot more precision and backed by more computing power and newer technologies, meaning automated platforms have ramped up the volume in performance. The ways of the working world have changed too: this culture shift towards more flexible working styles coupled with the technological advancements we see every day makes today the perfect time for automation in the business world.


Companies of all sizes can benefit from business automation


Nowadays it's completely normal to dial into an all-hands meeting from home, or chat with senior management via Slack during a work trip to Europe. We aren't limited by geographies - automation has evolved to a point where businesses everywhere are feeling the positive effects of a machine-enhanced working world. Tedious manual tasks are taken care of in no time thanks to the power of technology and automation. Employees are more focused on the task at hand by creating a workflow that's uninterrupted by manual holdups.

How does Trint come into play? Trint helps businesses automate their transcription projects, using the powers of artificial intelligence to create transcripts of audio files. This means important meetings can be attended by everyone. For example, no one needs to waste time on note-taking and manual transcription. Trint lets your team collaborate seamlessly on transcription projects thanks to its core collaborative software - projects can be tackled and reviewed by the team all in one place, making the process much more efficient.


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