Top 5 trends in video production - and how to prepare

Video editing has risen to new heights in a super-short amount of time. Here are the 5 must-know trends to stay on top of your game & ahead of the pack.

July 15, 2019

Video production is evolving. The digital revolution has changed the face of film production, from capturing footage to creating the final cut in post-production. You don’t have to lug around clunky filming kit and lengthy analog video editing workflows. We’re past paying hundreds of dollars to create something just, well, mediocre that loses quality with every cut. 

Today’s video is high definition. Today’s video is top-quality production. Today’s video is a swift, sleek final product. A lot of video makers are now churning out well-presented, high-calibre video content at record speeds, especially with the rise in influencer content creation

But what’s next for the video production world?

Today both amateur and professional video producers have a much easier life than even a few years ago. Huge video files don’t take eons to upload or transfer to teammates in collaborative projects, editing software makes even basic productions look super professional and there are huge audiences ready and waiting to consume the video content you put out. 


Video editing is now easier, but it comes with higher expectations


It’s an exciting time to have your hand in the video-making pie, and it’s only getting more exciting. Whether you’re editing video for business, recreation or media your video skills are backed up by super-smart emerging technologies.

What’s trending in the world of video production?


Vertical video is on the rise

Smartphones are becoming so integrated into our everyday lives that they’re practically extensions of our arms. Alongside this trend is the trend for consuming video content on a smartphone or tablet - which is why mobile can’t be ignored in today’s video production suites. In fact, mobile video consumption rises by 100% every year. 


Video production companies need to embrace collaboration tools for video


Creating video for smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices has been a part of video production for a while now, but the vertical video trend only started emerging over the past few years. Consumers want their video to fit the equipment they’re watching on, and video producers have to adapt to keep their audience happy. 

No more turning phones on their side, please.


Collaboration is key

Video production teams in businesses around the world have had to endure the pain of collaborating on projects for a long time. With slower internet speeds, clunky software and huge files to be passed around, working together on video editing projects wasn’t always the most effective way to boost productivity in video production. 

Company-wide collaboration tools are now a necessity for video producers, with expanding teams and increasing demands on content production. More video production teams are now investing in collaborative software and tools to boost their output and productivity.


Resolution is skyrocketing

While most of today’s graphics cards can’t support super-high resolution productions, we’re heading into a world where high-res will be the norm. Camera equipment that can record in 4K and above is becoming more readily available, and a lot of consumers are watching video in 4K from the comfort of their homes now. 

As we head into the future, we’ll see video production houses releasing even more high-quality work that shines on every screen - so you better be ready for your close-up! Preparing for the future of video production as resolution continues to improve means investing in the equipment and software to create your best projects yet.


Viewing video on mobile makes landscape the layout of choice


Software’s getting smarter

Today’s video editing platforms let video production teams and video production companies create professional-level work in no time at all. Video creation workflows have historically been long and tedious, and older platforms don’t give video producers all the tools they need to produce high-quality work on a tight schedule - something that’s demanded by today’s world. 

Software platforms such as Trint give production teams the power to create, edit and launch video content with ease. Within Trint, for example, you have the power to search video by keyword, cutting essential topics from footage and creating clips that get right to the point of the subject. Teams can collaborate on transcription projects, too. Time is a valuable currency in the video production world, and modern software is giving back.


Demand is growing

As we’ve mentioned, the demand on video production teams - especially in the business world - is growing. Content is vital to any growing company; establishing an online presence is key to reaching today’s markets. Teams are now expected to put out huge volumes of work in little time without skimping on quality. As we move into the future this demand will only increase, with video fast becoming the web’s most loved content medium. 

Can your team keep up?


Investing in tools that will help your video editing team collaborate to produce great work as we head into the future is vital. Discover just how Trint could empower your video production workflow with audio-to-text technology:


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