How will transcription support the evolving voice market?

The value of voice has never been greater. That's why Trint is unlocking the emerging voice economy for businesses by realizing value from the spoken word.

May 15, 2019

“Alexa, play Purple Rain by Prince!” As technology has evolved around us, companies have revolutionized the way we live and interact with the world. There are countless tech companies that exist purely to make life easier for us - they are constantly evolving and creating new ways to streamline our lives. After all, the things we need tend to be the best sellers rather than the things we simply want.

From apps that brought about the rise of the sharing economy to phones that have become entire life organizers, the ways we live are constantly in flux thanks to technology. Next up is the voice market, which has been quietly creeping up on us for some time.


What is the voice market?

The voice market - also known as the voice economy - speaks to technology like voice recognition and includes smart speakers like the Amazon Echo, its Alexa voice assistant - and who could forget our good friend, Siri?

There’s been a major shift towards the spoken word in tech in the last few years: a lot of the content we produce now harnesses the power of the spoken word rather than being traditionally written in text. We ask our smartphones how to get to the restaurant and to make a reservation for us; we ask Alexa to turn the lights out in our houses; we tune into countless audio and video content on mega-sites, like YouTube, more than ever before; and the phenomenal rise of podcasting as both a business tool and a mainstream form of content is evidence of this voice economy boom.


Voice assistants like Siri and Alexa drive the voice market


Financial entities have been forecasting the phenomenal potential and projected value of the voice economy, with Statista even projecting that the smart speaker market alone will reach $17.5 billion by 2022. That’s a lot of cash. Articles flood the Internet advising investment in the voice market, with it being the fastest growing technology sector right now. The voice market is pretty big business and deserves to be taken seriously.


How does the evolving voice economy affect businesses?

The voice market is changing the face - or voice - of content creation for brands and organizations in every sector. Realizing the true enormous value of the voice economy and in recorded audio content for brands is an essential part of evolving your content strategy in line with the evolving tech space - there’s vast amounts of unrealized value in recorded content, and brands should be speaking up and finding their voice if they hope to keep pace with their savvier competitors. For businesses discovering the value in their recorded content and the voice market itself, it’s time to get to know which platforms and technologies can make the transition to spoken content a little easier.

Transcription technology is helping organizations realize and harness the full potential of their recorded content without the hassle of manual transcription or the expense of a transcription service. As an evolving technology powered by AI and automation, Trint’s transcription platform empowers businesses as they shift to the spoken word and the voice economy evolves. With fewer people under mounting pressure to produce a lot more content than ever before, platforms like Trint ease the strain of such intense demands: transcribing audio content for the SEO benefits and to make sure all content is accessible for people with accessibility requirements is a necessity that doesn’t have to be so time and resource expensive.


The voice economy holds great promise for business


Why is content so important to businesses?

Capturing, finding and sharing your brand story and the moments that matter is all a central part of any brand DNA, and creating a voice of authority - while not the easiest task - is incredibly important to enterprise. Be sure you’re taking advantage of this monumental shift to the spoken word and telling your story in your words - the power of voice to influence buying behavior and create loyalty in your customers is real, especially as this voice market evolves and content becomes more and more powerful. Read more about content creation and business growth


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