How transcription improves internal communication

Brand voice isn't just important when talking to customers & prospects, it's vital to communicating with your company. Here's how transcription can help.

May 16, 2019

A game of telephone can ruin your company. You need to have transparency and communication from the top down if you hope to have any loyal employees - those who feel undervalued or misled will never be brand ambassadors for your business.

We live in a very different working environment to past business climates, and employees (rightly) need a lot more transparency, respect and flexibility from their employers. Open conversation has never been more important. Internal communications that keep everyone in the know about the ins and outs of your business should be sent out regularly - but how do you get it right?


Why are internal communications so important to business?

We’re in the age of Gen Z-ers now. Much of today’s workforce has grown up in a completely new world and society has evolved. The workplace is completely unrecognizable from the ways of just a few decades ago, and thanks to technology that evolution doesn’t show any sign of slowing.

Today’s workplaces have to celebrate openness and transparency - and if you’re doing things right there should be plenty to shout about. Ensuring everyone from interns to executives feels included in the business as it grows, and celebrating successes with those that keep the gears turning, is the right thing to do.


How can you improve internal communications?

Let’s take a look at how to get internal comms right. It’s important to create a voice that you use in external communications such as marketing, social media and PR, but you also need an internal voice that represents the company and how you want your employees to view it. You can think of internal communication like internal marketing: create content that will inspire and engage your employees.


Internal marketing tools give companies the voice they need


Simply sending out a soulless newsletter every quarter won’t cut it in modern-day internal communications. It might seem like a big job to keep every member of your staff updated about all the goings on of your company, but it doesn’t have to be. There’s a range of internal marketing tools out there to help you launch and sustain a strong internal communication strategy.

From chat apps that let you send short updates to select groups or teams throughout the business, to larger, more traditional intranet platforms that can be used as a central hub for all internal news, there’s something for businesses of all sizes. Beyond environments to actually send out your internal communication, though, there are tools that can help you bring together and document news sources.

Documentation is the key to keeping on top of your internal news. Enter Trint. As an intelligent transcription platform powered by automation and AI, Trint seamlessly integrates into your business workflow and makes documentation of your internal events, important meetings and other announcements quick and simple. There’s huge power in the spoken word and all the conversation that helps the day-to-day of your organization - capturing, finding and sharing essential moments - is a great way to establish an open dialogue with your employees.

Thanks to Trint’s collaboration tools you can work alongside your internal communication team to support in the integration of internal communication into their content marketing workflow - you’ll just need to approve and edit messaging, which is easy to do on Trint’s platform.


Ready to get started? Here are our three favorite internal communication tools (besides Trint, of course)


Slack Icon


Live communication platforms have come a long way since AOL Instant Messenger. Being able to chat in real-time with anyone throughout your organization is not only powerful, but also liberating for your employees. Within Slack you can share documents, chat with colleagues, create groups to send small-scale internal communication messages to and even send some great GIFs. What’s not to like?


Zoom LogoZoom

Today’s offices are increasingly flexible - thanks to technology we can work with each other from all corners of the world. Your team still needs to see your face, though, and it’s great to give updates in-person, or via video. Conference calling from Zoom puts you right there in the room with your satellite teams. And with Trint’s integration with Zoom Pro, you can instantly pull Zoom cloud recordings into your Trint account the second you hit “End Meeting” and choose which you’d like to transcribe.


Communifire Icon LogoCommunifire

While the concept of an intranet might seem outdated, having a place to store and update all internal communications for easy access is a great idea for your team. With Communifire, you can embed social updates, share photos from outings and events and provide bulletins on the fly.


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