5 practical steps for promoting effective teamwork

Collaboration is one of the fundamentals of any successful company. Here are the five ways to break down walls and get teams to effectively work together.
June 7, 2019

Your business is built on teamwork. If you don't create ways for your team to work together, that teamwork becomes ineffective, affecting the day-to-day running of your company. Speeding up the way things work across your business is a great way to kickstart business growth - productivity makes money. So how do you create the most collaborative environment to promote effective teamwork?

Your team starts with you. Strong management and leadership nurture strong team collaboration - putting effective collaborative processes in place for your team will boost productivity and increase output. Why is effective teamwork important? Shared tasks save time and resources, two things your company needs if it hopes to grow. Productivity is key, so make sure your team is running as efficiently as possible.


Team collaboration: it's not easy to get it right.

What makes a great team? Strong communication, great leadership and shared responsibility. Strong teamwork creates an efficient environment at your business. Teams that aren't so effective can prove disastrous for business, wasting time and slowing down growth. For example, teams that aren't given defined goals and encouraged to actively share duties in projects will find some team members are left carrying the whole project. Poor communication and a lack of investment in the right collaboration tools creates barriers to effective teamwork, which is why investing in the right tools for teams is important to promote the most effective work.


How do you promote effective teamwork? Here are five practical tips.


1. Remove barriers

Long gone are the days of segregated offices and isolated colleagues. Separating your team with restrictive cubicles and office designs that don't encourage collaboration is bad for business. Creating open spaces with plenty of room for teams to brainstorm, strategize and create is the first rational step to promoting effective teamwork.


Remove barriers and build bridges to make it easy for teams to work together


2. Set group goals

While encouraging colleagues to work together is an effective way of promoting teamwork, tangible goals that the whole team can work towards will give team projects a real purpose. Oversee group projects as your team works towards their goals, encouraging them to strategize and delegate to work as effectively as possible towards their end goal.


3. Get social

Your team exists outside of your defined business objectives. Promoting effective teamwork goes beyond putting colleagues in the same room. You need to provide the opportunities for teams to get social. As a business, you should organize monthly activities that help your team members come together without talk of project management and ROI. Your team doesn't have to be the best of friends, but a little social time goes a long way.


4. Invest in collaboration tools

Today's offices can span continents - your team might not be collaborating from the same room, or even the same country. Investing in the collaborative tools that liberate your workforce is the best way to promote effective teamwork in the digital age. From video conferencing software to project management tools and everything in-between, be sure to give your team the tools they need to work effectively.


5. Lead the way

Strong managers inspire strong teams - it's your job to promote the effective teamwork that propels your business forward, so be sure to lead the way. Check in with you team, setting clear goals and overseeing the projects as they unfold without micromanaging. It's key to be part of the team and not just the absent leader - give the team a leader worth working for.


Promoting collaboration and teamwork needs strong leadership


Collaborative tools can boost even the most effective of teams as they tackle projects. Cutting the time and resources invested into each project, while boosting the productivity of your team, collaboration apps like Trint can give your business the push it needs towards growth, empowering your workforce to be the most productive it can be. With collaboration tools from Trint your team can collaborate on transcription projects no matter where they are, reviewing, editing and approving transcription on the fly. Don't let transcription slow up your team - provide the tools for effective teamwork and watch as the benefits pile up.


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