Adweek: Trint Will Transcribe Your Interviews for You

Trint Will Transcribe Your Interviews for You
October 12, 2016

Transcribing interviews can take writers a very long time, but a new technology called Trint hopes to ease the pain.

Trint, “transcript” combined with “interview,” is an automated-speech-to-text service, which costs $10 a month, will transcribe interviews for you. The tool comes from journalist Jeff Kofman and media technologist Mark Boas along with developers Laurian Gridinoc and Mark Panaghiston.

After meeting at a conference in London in 2014, the journalists wondered if a tool that they were previewing that synced text to an audio/video player could work with automated-speech-to-text. The four locked themselves away in an AirBnB in Florence, Italy to experiment, and came up with Trint.

The service is getting some attention. This year, the company won the Google Digital News Initiative to help support its next phase innovation. This year, the company also won Startup of the Year from the Global Editors Network and has received investment from the Knight Foundation’s Enterprise Fund.

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