How to craft narratives with Trint's Story feature

Handpick key quotes from transcripts and easily reshape into new content
September 5, 2022

Say you’ve recorded an interview, or a Zoom call, or filmed a live event. Those audio and video files have all the quotes, insights and content you need to create a great story. But in its raw form, extracting any moments that matter can be a time consuming and painstaking process.

But this is where Trint can help. You find the key quotes from one or multiple transcripts, and our Story feature helps you collate and reorder these moments into a new narrative. Combine with headlines and text, and in no time you’ve created an outline or rough cut to blog post, social media video, podcast and other endless content opportunities. 

Want to learn more? Watch our video for a quick tour of Trint’s Story feature and its simple drag & drop functionality. More of a reader? Scroll on for a step-by-step guide to creating and making the most of our Story feature.


Collating quotes and text

First things first. You’ll need to upload and transcribe the files you want to draw key moments from. Try reading our Getting started with Trint article if you need a quick refresher.

Once that’s done, open your Trint file and find the quote or moment you want to pull out from the transcript. Select the text and click the “Add to Story” button in the pop-up above your selection.

A sidebar will now appear giving you the option to add this selected text to a new Story file or one you’ve previously created. You can also color highlight multiple parts of your transcript and add them to a Story in one go. A handy time saver when reviewing long files.

Now just repeat this process for every transcript you want to draw quotes from until you’ve combined all the key moments you need into one Story.

Crafting a narrative

Once you’ve added your quotes, Trint’s Story feature makes crafting your new narrative really simple.

  • Easily rearrange quotes by dragging and dropping them into whatever order you like.
  • Click above or below any quote to add headlines and body text. 
  • If your quotes are from a video, you can see how the new order plays out by watching the video preview in the bottom corner. 
  • If you’re creating an outline for a podcast, drag your quotes into the best order and hit play to hear your new narrative come to life. 

Collaborating with colleagues

There'll probably come a time when you want to bring someone else in on your Story. From second opinions to feedback to sign offs, giving someone access to your Story couldn’t be simpler. 

Just click the yellow Share button in the top corner and add the email addresses of colleagues you want to view or edit your Story file. You can also generate a read-only link to share with anyone without their own Trint account and, for security, disable it instantly at any time.

Export & download

When you’re ready to export and take your Story to its next destination, click the button in the top left-hand corner, choose your file format and click the yellow button to download. Easy as that.


That’s how you create powerful content with zero fuss. If you’re not part of the Trint community yet, sign up for a 7-day free trial and try Trint’s Story feature today.

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