Data security management for businesses: how to stay compliant

How you handle data has a huge impact on your success as a business. Here are the most important things to consider to stay compliant with data security.
May 27, 2019

Data leaks are expensive. There's huge money in hacking, and if your organization slips up you're looking at big legal bills, damage to your hard-earned reputation and loss of profits. Some businesses don't recover from the reputational damage from poor data security management. Compliance is no joke - you can't afford the leak.

The average cost of a data breach is now at almost $4 million, and climbing every year. Organizations around the world are waking up to the true threat of cybercrime and the damage it can do to business, and you should too. Compliance with global business data protection laws means getting to know the ways you must be safeguarding sensitive data, putting a strict data protection policy in place and making sure it's respected company-wide.

Most businesses should aim for certified compliance with ISO 27001, a standard of data protection that certifies your company as experts in data security and information management. ISO27001 is from the International Organization for Standardization and compliance with it certifies that your business has information management security systems in place that protect data from breach.


Want to know how you keep data secure? Here are six top tips for keeping data security in check.


1. Control access management

If any Tom, Dick or Harry can access your organization's sensitive data, your business is at significant risk of a data breach. Human error is the cause of a huge portion of data breaches, so it makes sense to limit human responsibility for that data's security. Less humans involved in your business data protection means higher security, and a decreased chance of a leak. Keep your circle of trust to a minimum, and ensure access controls are well policed. Unless someone has a genuine need to have access to data, they shouldn't be able to.


2. Tighten systems security

Many businesses use the cloud every day to store, share and access data from all over the world. The cloud has been liberating for so many businesses that celebrate flexible and remote working styles, but it's not without its security issues. Any documents that contain sensitive data should be housed in watertight systems - do a full audit of all your software systems to be sure data compliance throughout your organizational documentation.


Keep sensitive data locked securely away


3. Cultivate stronger security habits

We're long past the stage of using Password123 to protect important data, right? Without access to proper training and education on the importance of data security and business data protection, your employees could prove to be the weak link in your defense against attack. Put an employee data protection policy in place and make sure your whole team gets to know it inside out - they can't be expected to take data privacy seriously without all the facts.


4. Get to know your data

If you were hit with a data security breach tomorrow, do you know where your most sensitive data is held? Would you know if that data was compromised? Keeping track of where and how your data is being stored and processed is a must for keeping on top of data compliance.


5. Value compliance

Business compliance with data security laws is absolutely essential if you want to avoid huge fines and reputational damage. You'll need to get to know all about data security regulations from across the globe, especially in regions you operate in or sell to. Keep an eye on how laws like the GDPR have tripped up big business names, and champion compliance at all levels of your business.


6. Choose secure platforms

If your team are working with sensitive data every day, be sure they're using the right platforms. The right platforms will provide them with an environment to collaborate seamlessly in a secure, completely private environment that's access controlled and encrypted. Trint offers your business the data security it needs - keeping your transcribed content secure and private is a must for your organization.


Make sure you value data protection and business compliance across your organization by opting for the most secure platforms. See how Trint's secure platform is built for Enterprise:




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