How can transcription help me as a marketer?

There are lots of innovative tools for marketing automation, but the goal is the same: saving time so you can spend more time doing the work you love.
October 16, 2018

Marketers are adventurous. Marketers are early adopters. Marketers are trailblazers of the software world.

That's why marketing automation software appeals to marketers everywhere, in almost every industry: to get to the highest efficiency, many marketers choose to automate as many processes as possible. This can include lots of different kinds of comms, depending on the company: emailing new leads with a nurture campaign, replying to a contact form submission, an onboarding video and a lot more. When repetitive actions are done automatically, a marketer can focus his/her energy on more creative work. The work becomes more interesting and more efficient.

One time-consuming task that can benefit from automation in a very big way is transcription, the process of converting speech to text. But if hearing the word 'transcription' doesn't make your heart beat faster, that's okay - most people wouldn't consider it a riveting topic. And that's exactly the reason why marketers should be interested in automating transcription as part of their marketing efforts: this boring, mundane task is just not a good use of a marketer's time.

AI transcription can lend a hand in a lot of different ways. Here are just two of the ways transcription is changing how the marketing world works.

Market research interviews

Transcribe user research interviews with artificial intelligence

Marketers who know their customers are better positioned to market to them. That's why a lot of marketers interview their users - they can learn what they're frustrated with, how they're using a product and the changes they'd like to see in the future.

But conducting the interview is the easy part. When it comes to analyzing the responses, things quickly hit nightmare status: hours of valuable recorded audio and video files with  the information locked inside because those files can't be easily or quickly searched. Marketers have to play each file to find the best parts, or take hours to manually type each file into a text document so that it can be searched to find the valuable information.

If AI transcription ever had a chance to reach superhero status, it's right now: imagine the Caped Transcriber bursting into the room to save the day! Automated transcription lets marketers drop their files into online software and within minutes have full transcripts. And although these transcripts aren't 100% accurate, they will be around 95% accurate with good audio (no background noise, clear speakers, etc.). And transcription services with really good editors, like the Trint Editor, will make correcting transcripts easy and fast.

Once the file is transcribed and analyzed, it's easy to export the most important parts into marketing assets: slide decks, competitor research, social media posts, newsletters and lots more. Automated transcription gives marketers a huge amount of information in a very short span of time.

That's hours of time saved. And as any marketer will tell you, time is one of the most valuable things in a marketer's world.

Transcription for marketing videos

Video is taking over the internet - fast. Marketing teams everywhere are producing as much video content as possible to take advantage of this trend. But video editing is still a slow process that requires a lot of time to find the perfect sound bites. Play, pause, type. Play, pause, type. Over and over and over...

Video marketing happens in moments by converting video speech to text

Time for the Caped Transcriber to come bursting through a brick wall! By automating the transcription of marketing video clips, video content can easily be searched for the best clips. Timecoded transcripts make it even easier to locate the best parts of marketing video content and add them to the final asset.

Human transcribers are one option, but they're expensive and slow. Using a human to manually transcribe files also means your files aren't secure, which puts your content and interview subjects at risk.

Automated AI transcription produces first-draft transcripts in minutes at very low cost. After some light editing to make sure your transcripts are accurate, those transcripts can be used to piece together the marketing message. By using transcripts from online transcription services like Trint, marketers can use Multicolor Highlights to select the best parts of their materials, export the Highlights only (which will also tell the length of each clip, making it easy to keep an eye on the time) and edit these parts together to create the perfect marketing video content.

Bring on the Caped Transcriber!


Whatever your automated transcription needs, Trint makes it a fast and easy process. Trint is also scalable, meaning marketing teams of any size can benefit from adding AI transcription to their marketing automation arsenal. For more information on how Trint can be integrated into your marketing workflow, email



Michael Nelson-Wolter, Marketing Manager

Michael worked for 8+ years as a manual transcriber in the US and UK before building an in-house transcription department for a mobile-to-web software company. He then moved to content marketing, followed by digital marketing. Michael loves to write about emerging technology, digital trends and the ways technology makes our lives easier. 

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