Script writing for marketing: how to create engaging videos

We're all guilty of the social media scroll, so how do you create engaging videos that people want to watch? Read our top script writing tips to make your video a success.
March 4, 2021

Video is up and everyone's doing it - including your competitors. But attention spans are short and consumers are constantly being bombarded with content. So how do you break through and create an engaging video that people want to watch? 

Script it. 

Whether it's a 20 second social media snippet or a product demo, scripting your video is a must. That way, your subject will stay on track and on brand. Make your video a success with our top script writing tips.

1. Know your video strategy

We know video is hugely popular and an important marketing tool, but creating a bunch of videos won't necessarily result in success. Understanding what you want to achieve early on will help you set the right strategy. Do you want to increase your subscribers, promote a product or raise brand awareness? Understanding the purpose gives you a focus and makes it easier to script.




2. Have a conversation with your audience

Video offers a great way to show off your brand's personality, so stick to a conversational tone to make it more natural and authentic. Script writing and writing for text are very different. Imagine you're having a chat over a coffee. What would you say and how would you tell the story? Or better yet, actually have a chat with someone and take note of the words and phrases you both use. Better still, record it, then transcribe it

Simple language is best. It's not a lecture and you're not testing their knowledge. The less effort or input required from your audience, the more popular your video will be.

3. Read it. Out loud

Successful videos need to be compelling and engaging. Read the script out loud and listen out for anything that doesn't flow. If you wouldn't say, don't script it. Reading it aloud will also give a better idea of the length. Remember, we don't speak as fast as we read. What might take you 30 seconds to read could take you a minute to say. If that's too long, you'll need to cut the copy.

4. Less is more

In the digital world, you don't have long to make an impact - eight seconds, to be precise. That's how long it takes for people to lose concentration. Which is why it's so important to check your video length before you start recording. Anything over two minutes and engagement plummets. In fact, most studies suggest 30-60 seconds for social media. YouTube limits their ads to 20 seconds and even lets you skip after just five. Give your videos a hook - one that's so fascinating your audience will be compelled to watch.


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