Transcription software for journalists: Why it's so important for productivity

Journalists have to be productive in everything they do. Find out why transcription is the #1 productivity tool for journalists to save hours of time per week.
March 11, 2019
Being productive is a top goal for all journalists


Do you feel productive today? Have you checked off everything on your to-do list? Productivity is the key to success in the always-on world of media, and journalists in particular need to always strive try to become more productive. There's no secret recipe to streamlining the way you work, but in today's digital age there are lot of productivity tools you can use to put your time to good use.

Newsrooms around the world break stories to audiences in real time. They've transformed the way news is delivered in this digital age, and pressures are mounting during this time of digital disruption. Traditional journalists are competing with social platforms like Twitter - where news breaks in bite-size, short-form content.

Journalists can't waste time getting information to the eyes and ears of the world. Providing truthful insight requires honest, authoritative voices. Sources are key, and they have to be accurately quoted.

The key to transcribing those key interviews with sources quickly and easily? Artificial intelligence and automation.

Let's cut to the chase: you need transcription software to up your productivity levels as a journalist, and Trint is the best automated transcription service for journalists. Trint's audio transcription tool will have your audio and video converted to text in minutes, thanks to artificial intelligence.

Saving time and money with automated transcription? That's a journalist tool you can't afford to miss out on.


What does transcription software do?

Trint's platform uses advanced machine learning to create text transcripts of your audio and video files. Manual transcription is time intensive and requires a person to listen to and log all the audio in your files. Trint replaces that human with a computer, which has a much faster turnaround time. Using automated speech recognition's huge language library, Trint listens to and transcribes your audio or video much faster than the manual alternative. It's accurate, too: with quality audio you're likely to see 95% accuracy or better, so editing is minimal. Use all your extra time to break those stories to the world.


Converting audio to text is a slow process when done manually, so let transcription software do it for you


How does transcription help boost productivity in the newsroom?

Streamlining your workflow is the best way for journalists to boost their productivity. Time is money, so saving time is essential. Using transcription services like Trint to do the heavy lifting of transcribing your interviews will leave you with a lot more time to perfect your story. You'll be able to craft your content with care, and you'll save huge amounts of time editing - which also means you'll go to press faster.

Not only is time money, but money is money, too, and saving it will free up extra productivity capital. Transcription software can help your interview workflow by not only saving you time, but also keeping costs down. Sending files to a transcription agency for manual human transcription is costly - Wired found that Trint users save about 75% compared to using human transcribers. Increased productivity and more cash to hone your craft? The new, productive you is looking great.

Transcription can help you organize your workflow and plan your work week, too. Rather than manually typing up your to-do list for the week, you can simply dictate and transcribe, giving you more time to actually check the boxes on that list. Journalists have a lot on their plates, so any time-saving tricks should be a top priority. Remember, Trint creates transcripts you can search and edit, so you can easily find that important memo you recorded for tomorrow's deadline.

Transcription software for journalists


Why is Trint the best transcription service for journalists?

Founded by Emmy-award winning journalist Jeff Kofman, Trint was originally built to boost productivity for journalists (even though it's also a necessary part of the workflow for video editors, podcasters, people in higher education, government workers and more).

Trint lets you create fully searchable text transcripts of the essential interviews that inform newsrooms around the world - you won't waste time listening through audio or video files to find that quote you need to include in a story with a deadline looming over your head. Its accuracy and speed mean that news is served in real time with insight from informed sources, quoted accurately and with ease.

Trint is on hand when you're in the field, too - the mobile transcription app lets you record and transcribe on location, then send transcriptions back to the newsroom. Collaboration and speed have never been easier.

And thanks to Trint's Vocab Builder, you can build a library of special custom entries that Trint's smart technology will recognize. Trint speaks your language.


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