A guide to using audio to text for law firm growth

Growing a law firm is almost as tough as passing the bar. Speed up growth quickly by using audio to text software for unmatched productivity.

July 31, 2019

Are you doing all you can to grow your law firm? All businesses should have the overarching goal of expansion - once you’ve weathered the storm of getting up and running, you need to have growth in your plans. 

Businesses usually use marketing to attract new customers and nurture existing customers with incentives to stay. Law firms are a little different - legal marketing doesn’t always align with the typical business marketing model. Law firm marketing may be a different entity to the flashy, social-heavy marketing plans we see in mainstream media but it’s still a necessary way to promote law firm growth.

Legal marketing teams need to know how best to optimize their strategy while staying true to the “serious” nature of the legal sector.

Audio to text for law firms

Audio to text software is a handy tool to up your marketing efforts and empower your team to boost the growth of your law firm. There’s a range of ways an intelligent platform like Trint can help your legal team reach their growth goals. Let’s take a closer look.

First things first: you need a plan. Business growth doesn’t just happen - like everything in business, it takes a lot of hard work and strategy. As you know from getting started up, a law firm needs meticulous planning at its heart. How else will you attract clients? 

Having a plan for growth is equally important to a legal business. And yes, planning means a healthy amount of meetings to discuss your growth strategy. Don’t waste any extra seconds on getting the minutes from those all-important growth meetings converted into text - use audio to text software from Trint to convert your audio recordings into transcripts in no time. You can search transcripts within Trint too - a bonus for finding important keywords and quotes from your growth meetings.

Audio to text for legal website content

Now let’s take a look at how audio to text can help your legal marketing team optimize your firm’s website content. Your website is like your firm’s online store-front, so it’s really important to invest some time and effort into making sure it attracts the right people. 

Today’s websites rely on a lot of visual content to get their marketing messaging across. Video is a main player in the online world right now, so take notice and up your content creation game. How can audio to text software bring your video content up to scratch? Captions and subtitles make sure your content is accessible to those who are hard of hearing, or simply can’t watch a video with the sound on. Don’t lose viewers being lazy with your subtitles.

Working with your team to develop their skills and optimize workflows is essential for growth. Law firms deal with a whole host of sensitive situations, which means corner-cutting in workflows is simply not an option. That doesn’t mean a helping hand from automation and technology can’t make your team more productive. Legal teams deal with a lot of sensitive information, from court proceedings to details of criminal trials and personal information of high-risk clients; recording this data to provide the best legal service possible is a central part of the data management workflow for legal teams around the world.


Audio to text software adds efficiency for law firms-min


Manually transcribing witness statements and court proceedings is a waste of time, money and resources for any law firm. Using audio to text software, on the other hand, is the best way to optimize this workflow. Simply record the audio your important meetings with Trint’s mobile transcription app or your own recording device and let artificial intelligence take care of the heavy lifting. Automated transcripts will make your team a lot more efficient.

Fostering an environment of collaboration is another great way to push your team to work smarter and, ultimately, more effectively. Collaborating across workflows brings teams together and allows management to oversee how well growth plans are being executed. Audio to text software like Trint for Enterprise allows teams to collaborate on important transcription projects, overseen by superiors and supported by colleagues. Working on a witness statement with a colleague? Add feedback, edit and monitor transcripts in real-time thanks to Trint in a highly secure environment. A boost in productivity is a boost in growth, after all.

Take Trint for a test drive today and get working towards those growth plans.


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