How automated transcription can help optimize your legal transcription process

If you're still typing depositions, interviews and legal meeting minutes by hand you're doing it wrong. Read about the new software every legal team needs.

May 20, 2019

Businesses worldwide have felt the effects of digital disruption. Technology has changed everything from the physical workplace environment to the ways we collaborate on projects, and your organization can’t afford to be left behind. As a stereotypically more “traditional” sector, law firms have been slower to adopt these modern ways and a lot of firms have mountains of paperwork that’s legally required. But that doesn’t mean that smarter legal transcription options can’t help speed up workflows and make documentation a lot easier.

Like any business, law firms value efficiency, productivity and growth. Managing, processing and creating huge volumes of sensitive information is a job that takes a lot of organization and extremely high levels of security; more traditional methods of data handling have been considered a lot more secure than emerging technological methods for a long time, but as tech has evolved the transition to e-documentation has become a real option. There are software platforms that boast watertight security and are purpose built to store highly sensitive material.

Optimizing your processes: Tips and tricks

Your business workflows can be optimized to work smarter, and harder, for you. Holding onto old-school methods of recording and transcribing important information won’t help you nurture a culture of growth and forward movement. Every day, law firms have extremely sensitive and important meetings with clients, colleagues, partners and employees; keeping track of the conversation is essential to legally documenting the progress of cases. Thanks to automated transcription technology, the process of recording and transcribing this sensitive material can be streamlined for efficiency - no more long hours typing up notes from client meetings.


Transcription for law makes the production of important documents faster


Technology has disrupted the process of notetaking, too. Some law firms have dedicated assistants at the top meetings to take minutes and record the key takeaways, but modern firms are now recording these meetings using voice recording devices. These recordings can then be transcribed using Trint, changing the note-taking workflow for the better. Trint’s transcriptions are easily searchable, and can be shared with other staff for collaboration and any edits. Looking for a specific topic from the meeting? Simply search within the app and find all the related content. Think about all you can get done in the time saved; productivity means growth. And for the most efficient way of recording and transcribing meetings, Trint’s mobile recording and transcription app provides an easy way to record, upload and transcribe - all in one place.

A law firm isn’t just a group of lawyers sitting in an office - they also have the usual teams you’d expect to find in any business. Besides the lawyers there’s a marketing team, finance, content and administration, plus support staff - that’s a lot of team members who can benefit from optimizing their processes.

As your legal transcription service, Trint’s collaborative tools allow your teams to work seamlessly across the business on projects that need transcription. Editing, reviewing and approving transcribed material is simple if you’re in the same room or the other side of the world. Your law firm marketing team can access transcriptions from the executive team for use in content and campaigns without leaving their desks, making for a much more productive environment with far less interruptions. And all of this work is done on an ultra-secure platform, keeping your data safe.


Transcribing legal interviews and depositions makes law firms work better


For lawyers there’s a lot of evidence that needs to be gathered and recorded for analysis - this can’t be taken lightly. It’s really important to have statements documented accurately so you can recall them in court or in meetings. Transcription services from Trint let you efficiently keep track of statements of evidence from lots of clients in a single platform. Securely and accurately storing and reviewing essential information will make your legal processes a lot more efficient.

Efficiency and productivity are key for the growth of your law firm. Compliance is so important to the legal sector - ensuring your workflows are optimized to give the highest output will keep your organization on top of documentation and in line with regulations. Using transcription services from Trint for Enterprise is the smartest way to accurately and securely transcribe your important information without risk of a data breach, while also being able to increase the amount of work you can produce.

Every team across your law business stands to benefit from the introduction of automated transcription services. Try Trint today for free.


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