How AI transcription can benefit your business

From meetings to presentations, events to interviews, enterprise transcription services can easily streamline workflows and help your employees collaborate efficiently. Like to know more? Then read on.
February 9, 2024

Any sized business can relate to information overload. Endless communications between employees or customers. Daily meetings discussing ideas and objectives. Countless presentations, events and calls that need your attention so an opportunity is never missed. 

Fair to say, it’s a lot to take in. But by using an automated transcription tool for enterprise, like Trint, your organization can cut through the clutter. And find what you need to push the business forward.

What is business transcription?

Business or corporate transcription companies convert audio and video files into text. Whether that’s an internal meeting, customer call, webinar, conference or focus group. There are two main formats to this:

Manual transcription is where a professional transcriptionist will listen back to your audio or video and create a text version of the events. This process is time consuming and won’t give you a fast turnaround. But human verification can ensure up to 100% accuracy with clear audio quality. 

Automated transcription uses speech-recognition services to transcribe audio and video files in as little as half the length of the file. Transcripts can have up to 99% accuracy depending on the AI tool and transcribe in a variety of languages

Boosting your business with AI transcription

Collaboration: With so many business meetings and communications happening across a business, quickly transcribing events can help employees collaborate better as a team. Search and find the key moments said in a call or event. Share with colleagues for review, then use insights to make informed decisions or create new content.

Accessibility: Transcripts can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Whether that’s from the office, home or your phone. Solutions like Trint allow the original audio or video to be played back in time with the text – letting you review what was said and understand any additional context. And you can translate into more than 50 languages to enable teams in other countries to work better together.

Productivity: AI-powered enterprise transcription takes a lot of manual admin out of employee's hands. Less focus on taking notes in meetings or creating documents from scratch. More time acting on insights and repurposing existing content to work efficiently as a team.

Customer content: Transcribing audio or video content your business creates can have a number of advantages. Extract key details from the text to effortlessly create marketing materials. Convert transcripts into closed captions to improve accessibility for videos. And utilize SEO terms within the content to build a strong and engaging digital presence for your brand. 

What to look for in a professional transcription company

Security: When looking for transcription services online, you’ll find many now offer AI solutions. This makes it more important to know where your information is going and who – both human and machine – will have access to your data. 

Check the security certification of the service and find out how their AI is trained. Will they listen in to your files and compromise your privacy? Where and how will your files and transcripts be stored? Can they be accessed securely by your team without prying eyes taking a peek?

Quality: Speed of the transcription is always a plus. But if the text isn’t accurate, it will create more work for your business to make sense of the transcript. Trying researching what other customers have said about the business transcription service company. Are there any relevant case studies that you can see your business benefiting from?

Features: Once you have your business transcript, where do you go from there? While some AI tools stop at transcription, solutions like Trint offer features that help you utilize key moments from an interview or event. Turning them into articles, podcasts and video outlines – all within the same platform. As well as useful collaboration tools such as highlighting and commenting on transcripts and effortlessly sharing them for review.

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