How transcription can boost business workflow

Converting speech to text is new on the scene, but it's already saving businesses both time and money. Learn how transcription will change the way you work.
May 14, 2019

As a business, you should prioritize making sure you're running things in the most productive way. Workflows are an essential part of keeping things on track and helping you run an efficient business, so starting with solidifying your workflows is good practice. There are lots of obvious things you can do to optimize processes and increase general output, but there are other ways that might surprise you. Let's take a look at some essential productivity enhancers.

What are workflows for business?

A workflow is a set of steps designed to get your project from start to finish - simple as that.

Depending on the organization, a business workflow can be a range of things. In your car-painting business, the workflow can break the task into sourcing paint, stripping original colors, sanding and applying the new color, for example. For content writers, your business workflow can include the planning stage, research, writing, editing, proofreading, publishing and sharing.


Transcription is a tool for working more efficiently


Business workflows are designed to organize work and increase workplace productivity. But we need to speed things up a bit in some of our workflows, and one of the best ways to do this is with a helping hand from technology. There are workflow tools out there to help with team collaboration, project management, and all-round productivity in business that you should take notice of and use to your advantage in such a cut-throat enterprise climate. If your competitors are doing it faster without compromising on quality, you're not working effectively and need to up your game - they're using tech to their advantage and you should be, too.


Getting things done: Harnessing tech to boost your business

Manually transcribing content from spoken word to written record is a business workflow that can be incredibly time, money and resource-intensive. Simply sourcing transcribers and digital audio typists, or finding a manual transcription service that's within budget and able to meet all your needs, is time consuming to start with. If you opt to hire a dedicated transcriber you'll have the added expense of an additional salary, and working with a manual transcription company hurts your bottom line, too. Strictly speaking, neither option will boost your business workflow like Trint's automated transcription platform.

Trint on Desktop and Mobile-1

Integrating Trint for Enterprise into your arsenal of workflow tools is a great way to speed up your business workflow while keeping costs down. Trint works using automation and AI, two technologies that are extremely powerful, not to mention fast. Updates are released regularly so the accuracy is always improving, and it can truly help your organization realize and use the power of the spoken word effectively - without any expended productivity.

Trint is a tool that allows your team to tell your brand story and meet increasing demands on content. The content creation workflow has become increasingly demanding, with creators having to manage the shift to audio and the evolution of their content creation workflow. Once upon a time content creation meant just filling a website with text and keeping things current. Today's content creators have a crazy workflow that involves ideating, creating, sharing and updating audio, video and written content, while making sure everything is accessible to a huge audience and keeping the search engines happy. That's a pretty major job to keep on top of. Productivity is key for all content creators - integrating Trint's platform into their business workflow increases employee productivity and work efficiency. Whether they're hitting a deadline for that meeting transcription job or converting a tutorial video into text for subtitles, your business needs Trint.


Here are three quickfire ways transcription software from Trint will increase workplace productivity


1. Smarter meetings

Trint will have your audio recordings of important meetings and conference calls transcribed into text in no time at all, accurately. It's easy to reference important conversations in minutes with meeting transcription.


2. Revolutionary note-taking

So many businesses have note-taking as a central part of their business workflow. If a journalist can voice record their interviews and transcribe them using Trint, they'll spend less time scribbling frantic notes and be able to engage with their interviewees.


Digital notetaking is easy with automated transcription


3. Better documentation

We're using the spoken word so much more now, and your business can't afford not to document everything that's going on across the organization for stronger project management, visibility and documentation. Don't waste valuable hours typing everything up - let AI take the wheel.


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