Save time, money and resources by taking your transcription in-house

Transcription can help businesses improve efficiency, but in-house human transcribers are expensive & slow. What's the best alternative to manual typists?
April 18, 2019

Meetings, seminars, personal notes'businesses have a lot to say. The modern workplace has changed. We now communicate a lot more through audio and video, and keeping records that are easily organized and accessible is a challenge. To realize the true value in your audio and video assets, corporate transcription is essential for your records.

Content is still king, but today's content has seen a shift from written content to the spoken word. Video has exploded as an effective marketing platform, and brands are struggling to adopt it as fast as possible. For many of today's businesses, harnessing the power of the spoken word means hiring a digital audio typist - but that might not be the most effective option for the modern workplace.

In business you can't take everything in-house. Outsourcing is a part of every business journey - making the decision to hand over the reins on certain projects is necessary to stay efficient and keep a high standard. But should you outsource transcription needs? Outsourcing your transcription requirements takes the pressure off your in-house team, but because of long turnaround times and high costs, the pro's may outweigh the con's.


What are the options for transcription?

Option One: Hire a digital audio typist (in-house)

Many businesses choose to open up a position within the team for a digital audio typist to take on transcription needs. A digital audio typist is a dedicated transcriber that manually converts your audio and video content to text. Digital audio typists can - obviously - only go as fast as a human and can only transcribe what's possible manually, which drags out projects and will restrict your content output. Today's businesses need to be super fast and efficient, so a digital audio typist is not the best option.


In-house transcribers are expensive and not efficient enough for modern enterprise


Option Two: Outsourced transcription company

Paying for an external transcription service is a fairly popular business practice. Outsourcing cuts your salary costs, optimizes resources and time, and gives you one less thing to do in house. Many transcription companies are professional and reliable, which means you can get on with running your business.

The big drawback? The price. Human transcription services come at a cost. After all, transcription companies are simply outsourced digital audio typists, so they're limited to being, well, human! They're also not as fast as lots of companies might want them to be: the average professional transcriber types about 15 minutes of audio per hour, which means an hour-long file will take them four hours to transcribe. And if you have sensitive audio or video files, the security of your transcripts will be compromised by getting into the hands of third parties.

More transcribers? More money and more time.

Option Three: Automated transcription platform Trint

Harnessing the power of automation and artificial intelligence to streamline and optimize your transcription process is by far the best bet for your bottom line. We're under a lot of pressure to produce content on a large scale and in short timeframes, so being held back by transcription processes just isn't an option. Getting your content out to the world - and making sure it's optimized to please both the search engines and those with accessibility issues - is a top priority for today's businesses, so taking advantage of technology is the best option for you.

Trint on Desktop and Mobile-1

Trint enables your business to unlock the power of the spoken word. Its intelligent platform automatically transcribes your audio content in no time, saving huge amounts of time that would otherwise be wasted with manual transcription. And it's cost effective, too. You'll see the speed of an entire team of digital audio typists all packed into a platform that's simple and easy to use - and you'll have the power to search transcribed content without sifting through reams of work. It's a no brainer.


Why Trint?

Trint removes the need for resource-heavy manual transcription by using the power of AI to automate the transcription process. This makes for faster turnaround times, quicker execution on projects and an increased output of quality content, all of which makes for a more successful business. Trint goes further than simply saving you time - it makes your content 'smart." With Trint you can discover the true potential of your content because transcripts are fully searchable: no more losing important quotes in a sea of manual transcription.


Realizing the full potential of your content strategy and optimizing the processes behind the relentless production of assets is essential for any business large or small. Making informed decisions that save time, energy and money should be top of your to-do list - take the first step by harnessing the power of AI for your transcription needs. Try Trint for free today

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