Why Trint is the missing collaborative app for businesses

The voice economy is here and it's ready to be optimized for businesses. Here's how automated transcription helps you tap into the value of the spoken word.
May 9, 2019

Teamwork makes the dream work. We've all learned the importance of collaboration in all aspects of life - some of us the hard way. A task shared is a task halved - to use another idiom - and working with others on both professional and personal projects is the best way to get things done efficiently.

The idea of collaboration isn't new, but thanks to technology it's definitely gotten simpler and a lot easier to work together. The constraints of time and having to be in the same place are both big problems that are solved with collaborative software. But which apps and kinds of software are essential to success?

What are collaboration tools for business?

Technology has made it a lot easier for us to collaborate on projects, be that in different rooms of an office or on completely different continents. These collaboration tools exist purely to help your team work simultaneously without needing to share equipment - such as your laptop or computer - or resources. The days of passing your laptop back and forth to review and edit each other's work are done thanks to collaboration tools. Even emailing copies of documents back and forth isn't necessary with all of today's collaboration tools.


Working together on transcripts amplifies creativity for business


Team collaboration software is really useful to any business that values flexibility and celebrates newer ways of working. Collaboration apps and software have been instrumental in the rise of flexible working and the 'remote office,' and have helped boost productivity in teams around the world by allowing colleagues to work on projects simultaneously via the Internet.

Why is transcription important to business?

Transcription used to be overlooked as a major need for businesses, but over the past few years there's been a huge shift towards audio and video content, all of which needs to be transcribed for records, or to make content accessible before it goes live to an audience. Bringing this back to the remote office, a huge quantity of meetings are now conducted virtually and orally, and transcriptions of these meetings have to be available for review and further discussion with colleagues.

Collaboration apps and collaboration software usually focus on meeting the needs of remote teams, but that's not the only thing they're useful for. Working with colleagues to edit, review and respond to transcribed audio and video is essential to any content creation team, and the ability to oversee and provide input on transcription at a high level of business is important, too. Trint for Enterprise gives organizations a collaborative platform that lets colleagues and team members work together on transcribed files, boosting productivity, amplifying creativity and making it easy to include all stakeholders on a project. Working across a variety of projects in different locations is simple and straightforward with Trint, just as it should be, giving your team the freedom to work flexibly and to easily monitor remote projects.


Collaborative software tools increase productivity


Collaboration tools for business: Our five favorites

Google Drive

Allowing teams to collaborate on live documents, including making edits and suggestions in real-time anywhere in the world, Google Drive has revolutionized the way we collaborate on documents. That presentation you're producing with the team? You can create, review and edit instantly thanks to Google Drive - whether it's a Google Doc, Google Slide, Google Sheet or another collaborative document for business.


Managing projects is an essential part of business: keeping everyone aligned on tasks no matter where they're based lets teams track their work and stay on top of things. It's also important to update colleagues on progress as milestones are completed. Asana allows teams to track, review and plan tasks, assigning to specific teams and ticking them off as they're completed.


Conference calling has always been a part of business, and thanks to Zoom it's simple to connect with colleagues, partners and clients all over the world to collaborate on tasks. Communication is so important to collaborative culture, so be sure to encourage staff to Zoom through their projects. Zoom Pro users can use Trint's Zoom integration instantly pull Zoom cloud recordings into Trint the second they hit 'End Meeting.'


File sharing is all a part of collaboration, and having a place to host your files and share them with colleagues makes team collaboration easy. Dropbox is a single, central location to keep all of your important content in one place; uploading audio or video from Dropbox directly to Trint for transcription is also easy with our Dropbox integration.


We couldn't miss Trint off our list of favorites. Transcription of audio and video is now a central part of many businesses thanks to a huge shift from text and written content to the spoken word. Trint helps teams to collaborate seamlessly on transcription projects so that capturing, finding and sharing important content is quick and easy. And with Trint's frictionless enterprise integration, working together on transcripts equals fewer steps in the workflow, not more.


Bringing your team together to collaborate on transcription projects couldn't be easier. Find out more ways  Trint will unlock the power of the spoken word for your business:




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