Collaboration tools for business growth: an introduction

Teams who work together produce better work. Here are the ways collaboration will improve your business and the types of tools your teams should be using.
June 3, 2019

Your team keep the gears turning at your business - and without a talented and dedicated team, your business wouldn't be able to grow. All businesses start somewhere, and even getting things off the ground is a huge achievement.c But once you have things running smoothly, what's next? And how do you take that next step?

Nurturing collaboration across your business is a great way to start seeing some business growth. Encouraging workplace flexibility, creating open environments and championing a culture of trust and cohesion are just a few ways to get your team feeling motivated to make magic with their peers.

There's a whole range of tools you can take advantage of to make collaboration - and in turn, business growth - a lot easier. With streamlined processes, platforms and teams, your business will thrive. And that's why adding and maintaining a set of collaboration tools to your business-growth arsenal is key for success.

How do collaboration tools boost business growth?

A little healthy competition

When you're working closely with your peers on projects, all of your work is on display for the rest of your team - and members of other teams - to see. That's where collaborative tools add transparency and visibility to the workflow: teams oversee the progress of their projects, review each other's work and provide help and feedback that benefit the project and the business as a whole. Not only is the success of the project on the line, so is the opinion of your colleagues.


Greater visibility

When you're growing a business, everyone needs to pull their weight. You don't want to find out months down the line that one of your team members has been struggling with workload or the demands of a project. Collaboration within your team will ensure nobody gets left behind, encouraging peer learning and fostering an environment of openness. Collaboration tools open your team up to helping each other grow in their roles, which in turn grows your business.


Team collaboration software is great for peer review


Cross-team collaboration

Your marketing team won't always align well with your finance team because of the simple fact that they don't cross over a lot, so they don't need to spend a lot of time together. Thanks to collaboration tools that can be used across your entire business, your teams can work seamlessly with each other without disrupting their workday. If the finance team can keep on top of how the marketing team is using their budget day by day or week by week, they can have better insight into how business growth is created by the various teams and allocate budget in a better-informed way.



If you're aiming for business growth, you need to have every single team member on board. You can't expect your employees to be fully invested in the success of your business if you don't include them in important business decisions and ensure full transparency from the very top to the most junior staff. Collaboration tools make sure every employee feels valued as the company grows - employees that feel valued will perform a lot better.


Collaboration tools: what you should be looking for


Investing in a chat tool that connects every member of your company will encourage employees to communicate across teams, locations and levels. Being able to chat in real-time across the business is invaluable for productivity - employees aren't wasting time writing lengthy emails or physically having to change location to collaborate. Check out Slack for real-time messaging to encourage collaboration across your business.



Important meetings should be inclusive of every member of staff, regardless of where they're based and what level they're working at. A video conferencing collaboration app is an important investment for business growth because it allows you to foster inclusion across the world and create a sense of transparency that's so important to success. Zoom is a great video conferencing choice for business.



Peer review is important to creating the best work possible, including the healthy competition we talked about earlier, and good work leads to business growth. Collaboration software like Google Drive lets team members work simultaneously on projects and documents, reviewing and providing feedback in real-time. Working together on content ensures you produce the strongest material to help grow your company.


Business tools for collaboration drive enterprise success


Why is Trint an important collaborative tool for business growth?

Today's businesses are under pressure to create a huge mount of content with limited resources. There's been a significant shift to communicating with audio and video content, and any growing business should be investing in these mediums of content if they hope to grow at pace. All audio and video content should transcribed to help teams find the moments that matter. Trint lets your team work together to unlock the value of audio and video by providing feedback, edits and approval.


Not only does automated transcription by Trint let teams work together, but it also boosts business workflow. Find out how your business could save time with Trint for Enterprise:




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