The hidden cost benefits of audio to text

The value of voice has never been greater, and online transcription software could the the secret ingredient to tapping into the emerging voice economy.
July 22, 2019

What's the most important part of running a business? Cash flow. Running your organization within budget and keeping those balance sheets in the black should be a number-one priority - no business can operate without enough funding. Savvy finance teams have to look for any and every way to cut costs and keep spending to a minimum when planning budgets and reviewing expenses - a dollar wasted could be spent propelling another area of the business forward, so keeping a very close eye on costs is key.

There's a huge range of cost-cutting software platforms out there that will help keep your cash-flow in shape. Investing in collaborative platforms, software for remote teams and robotics for manufacturing workflows are just three examples of cost-effective planning for your business. We live in a modern era now, and no business should be stuck in the past if it hopes to keep spending down.


Online transcription services are affordable and add efficiency


Tapping into the voice economy

Transcription is an area a lot of businesses overlook when it comes to saving both time and money. Transcription is the practice of converting audio content to text. Businesses use transcription for a range of reasons, from documenting important meetings to transcribing interviews and converting video content to text for accessibility reasons. Although it can be overlooked by some organizations, transcription software from Trint is the key to unlocking the power of audio and video content, creating meaningful documentation and saving time, money and resources.


Audio to text for accessibility

Trint's intelligent transcription platform is easily integrated into your business workflows. With unmatched audio to text capabilities, Trint helps businesses transcribe and give new life to their audio and video content. Businesses should champion inclusivity in today's age - with Trint, creating content for everyone is a breeze, and it doesn't break the bank. Catering for the huge percentage of people with hearing difficulties and other accessibility issues no longer means hiring an extra headcount to take care of manual transcription. Using software to transcribe your audio and video content is a much faster and more efficient option, and at a fraction of the price of manual transcription, it's a no brainer.


Integration into business software

How does Trint integrate with your business? It seamlessly joins your existing workflow without interrupting it - after all, your workflow is hard fought and hard won, so you don't need an enterprise platform changing the system you've worked so hard to build. Trint is the audio to text tool your whole team can use together - it's easy to collaborate on projects, oversee workflows and blow through deadlines. Don't forget high efficiency means cost saving. 

Teams can streamline their transcription workflows, monitoring progress and ensuring maximum productivity every step of the way. With collaboration built into the heart of Trint's software, your team can also work together on transcripts, editing, reviewing and approving each others' work without the time-intensive manual editing process in many business workflows. Time is money, and saving it is essential to that budget. Streamline, streamline, streamline.


Audio to text software will save companies money


The big difference: automation vs. manual

While there's a range of hidden cost benefits to investing in audio to text software, the glaringly obvious comparison is found among three options: investing in manual transcription companies, hiring someone in-house to manually transcribe your content and Trint. 

Put simply, Trint is miles ahead of other options when it comes to saving money. For businesses, hiring an extra employee simply to work on transcription projects will not only slow down every single project that needs transcription, costing you money in poor time management, it will send your outgoings up unnecessarily. You don't need to pay an extra wage when automation can take control. 

Working with an external transcription agency? Sure, it's an option, but you'll be trusting an outside source with your business' sensitive data, which can be tricky within data protection laws. It's also a lot more expensive than working with Trint - some companies can charge as high as $4 per page.

With Trint you have a range of flexible options to build your bespoke enterprise transcription package. Our team works alongside your business to create the custom package that suits your budget and meets your team's every transcription need. We even let you take Trint for a test drive to be sure it's the platform for you - we're that confident in its cost-saving and liberating abilities.

Get that budget in shape today and test drive Trint for free today. 

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